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Our Story

CJ Equipment Rentals LLC

About Us


CJ Equipment Rentals LLC was started in late 2021 by Cody Meade and Justin Holtan. Our goal is to have the new machines that offer our customers the most comfort while keeping competitive prices. Our prices, professionalism, and flexible scheduling sets us apart from our competitors. 


We are always thinking about the operator's ease and comfortability while renting our machines. This is why we choose to go above and beyond to buy brand new enclosed cab machines to rent to our customers, as well as top of the line heavy duty dump trailers. We know our customers deserve the best equipment when working on their projects, and that is what we provide. 

CJ Equipment Rentals also offers operators for the projects you don't have time for or don't feel comfortable doing yourself. Contact us for estimates on any projects you need to get done, and we will make sure you have someone to do the job!


Our Company Headquarters

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